The Little Matchgirl’s Last Minute on Earth

The little matchgirl was very near death now… huddled in the corner of the building with the cruel winds shrieking through her torn and thoroughly inadequate shawl, her toes and fingers quite beyond feeling at this point—which was a sort of relief now, finally…

Tears of ice framed her long lashes, but she didn’t feel this much either now… the world around her seemed to be going quiet and soft-focused, she felt herself being pulled to the edge of a precipice overlooking a vast ocean of sleep, a deep and dreamless sleep she knew would be final and without end… and though this sleep promised a release from the terrible agony she was experiencing currently, as well as all the suffering she had ever known; and though her heart had been filled with love for all living creatures during the whole course of her short but difficult life; and though she had no idea who it was that was passing close by her at this very moment, or if perhaps the sound she thought she was hearing wasn’t simply an auditory hallucination borne of fatigued delirium; despite all this, now, in this last instant, as the cold sapped away at the last of her life force, and one more unseeing and unseen person walked by the freezing tyke without even batting an eye, she just couldn’t help gasping out her very first and last “Fuck you!” to this unknown passerby, and to all the cold and loveless world at large…

But the pedestrian, who had indeed been real, heard nothing at all, and continued on in a completely oblivious fashion as this final feeble expression rose in a little puff of gaseous vapor into the frozen air above her, wafting out from the small body as if it were her very soul, taking flight and quickly disappearing, lost to the chilling winds… even as she grimaced, stiffened and died without further commentary.

Front Cover of Lil' Deaths: Tales of Fantasy & Horror by D X Stone Published by Nuance Press
Lil’ Deaths by D X Stone

I decided to give some of my work away here, because things are still thin as hell for me as a writer… this one and many others are shared complete… but some of them, if you wanna know how they end you’re just gonna have to buy the book. I’m tired of hanging by a thread.

Yes, this is a Scheherezade thing I’m trying; and I’ve got my fingers crossed here, because the stakes are just as high. If I’m a good enough storyteller, I’ll survive; you’ll buy my books, you’ll share my posts… if not, well then, I’ve lived a long and amazing life! C’est la vie!

At least I lived my life as I wanted to, and I died trying. In fact, that’s how I always wanted to die anyway. Trying.

Lil’ Deaths is a collection of mostly dark as hell short fantasy stories, including three pieces that saw print in Amazing Stories Magazine, and dead-on parodies of dark fantasy giants Harlan Ellison and Clive Barker! A number of poems are also included, including Another Pound of Flesh and Burning Barrel!

Get your hot little mitts on ALL my books HERE!

3 thoughts on “The Little Matchgirl’s Last Minute on Earth

  1. Dorianna (paintswithwords)

    I loved the imagery in your expose. I had a clear vision of the little girl freezing, indeed could see her passing her last breath, so vividly. You have a talent. Your words were like a visual hallucination. Beautifully done. That being said, I might add that her reply as she expired surprised me. The description of the ‘lil matchgirl’ conjured up for me a vision of a sweet child who suffered but ‘her heart had been filled with love for all living creatures during the whole course of her short but difficult life’ would not have voiced such an oath. It seemed totally out of context with the image presented of the little girl. One whose heart is filled with love would more believably utter something tender, perhaps a plea to forgive. Just my opinion of course.


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