Post-Nuclear Primer

See Jack run.
Run, Jack, run.
See Pal chase Jack.
See Pal’s radiation scars.
See how very large Pal has grown.
See how Pal slavers.
Pal is hungry. Pal is starving.
See Jack run across a landscape of death and decay.
See Pal gaining on Jack.
See Jack’s terror-stricken face.
How very large Jack’s eyes have grown.
Feel Jack’s fear.

See a leafless tree in the distance.
Jack sees it, too.
See Jack make for the tree.
See the gap between Jack and Pal closing.
See Jack stumble.
See Jack’s life flash before his eyes.
How very large they’ve grown.
Large, and luminous.
See Pal reflected
In Jack’s huge, lambent luminous eyes…
And see Jack as Pal sees Jack.
See food.

See Jane step from behind the tree.
See Jane’s gun.
See Pal leap.
Hear Jack scream.
Pal is hungry.
Pal is starving.
See Jane shoot.
Shoot, Jane, shoot.
See Pal’s immense mass
Lifted backward in mid-leap,
Turning end over end.
See Pal fall to earth in a cloud of dust and garbage,
No longer hungry,
No longer starving.

See Jack and Jane approach dead Pal.
See how they slaver.
Jack is hungry.
Jane is starving.
Pal is food.

The Dark Side of Des Moines Cover fantasy dark horror scary wicked humor funny parody bizarre offbeat weird
Dark Side of Des Moines Cover by D X Stone

from The Dark Side of Des Moines

2 thoughts on “Post-Nuclear Primer

  1. Jim Warfield

    You write fun stuff! I seem to have a rhyming brain about once a month? when I write then, I have nothing but fun too! Just yesterday a guy I went to school with (High school not Reform School!) began saying some lines of one of my poems from H.S. He told me I wrote it in typing class back then? (1965?)
    “If you have some rotten eggs to sell.
    take them down to Market Street to Izzy’s Stone Hotel.”
    What the rest of it is, I don’t know.
    Then I told him the first line of another one I wrote back then:”As I was swinging home through the trees, I chanced to collide with a nest of Bees!”…..
    Often , especially back then I would write several funny lines.. but by the time I finished, it would be dark and very negative…I really tried to modify that, with little success….that’s how it goes….
    Keep up your good work.

    1. Danielle Stone Post author

      Thanx, Jim! Your stuff sounds fun too! I have NEVER tried to modify my dark humor to more light; I occasionally write lighter stuff, but for the most part the darkness is what underpins and informs my comedic instincts, and I just hope to find an audience that appreciates that sort of stuff as much as I have always done!
      Of course, I pay for it by making very little money… but one never knows what might be around the next corner, right? :)


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